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John Rush, MD

QIDS Author Webinar

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
> 10:00 am, EST (New York, GMT-04:00)
> 3:00 pm, GMT (London, GMT+01:00)
> 4:00 pm, CET (Paris, GMT+02:00)

Webinar Overview

An Author Webinar on the QIDS


During this webinar, the author of the health research questionnaire will provide attendees with a brief description of the quick inventory of depressive symptoms (QIDS) and how the instrument can be applied to clinical practice.

The QIDS is used to assess depressive symptom severity. This 16 item scale is available either in a the form of a patient self-report or a clinician completed rating-with each version having identical questions. The scale is designed to assay the severity or burden of each of the nine criterion symptoms used by DSM-IV and DSM-V to diagnose a major depressive episode. The scale was initially developed as a measure of treatment effectiveness, but it has also been used as a screener to detect people with mild moderate and more severe depressions.

The 16 items are scored so as to inform the nine symptom domains that define a major depressive episode. Each domain is rated 0-3, so the scale ranges 0-27. The scale has been widely used in clinical practice, clinical research studies, and in healthcare systems. Learn more during this interactive webinar.

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